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Wanting no more than to continue enjoying her life with her devoted husband and family, Rachel Kidd had no idea that disaster was about to hit her, and hit her harder than she could ever have imagined. Rachel's book, 'Who Says' is a true account of how her life suddenly changed one fateful day in 1998 and how she herself changed, and not only in a physical sense. From being a pleasant, caring person, a metamorphosis took place turning her into a scheming, hateful and totally self centred fiend. Her life became centred on drugs and obtaining them by whatever means possible, even when that meant involving those closest to her.
Her family were mere pawns in her despicable game, and she treated them with utter contempt or complete indifference, but they never gave up on this woman they all loved dearly.
Rachel Kidd doesn't mince words in her compelling book, and consequently there is explicit language and sexual content. But make no mistake, this is the life Rachel lived, and she has the guts to tell it exactly like it happened.
You will feel sadness for her, you will feel compassion, you will even feel anger towards her, your emotions will be twisting and turning as you read her harrowing tale, but one thing you will never feel is indifference.
Rachel's story cries out to be read, you will not be disappointed.

WARNING! This book contains material and language that some people may find deeply distressing.

Review by Julia Kimber. (Editor. Moorna Publications.)

I guess, like most people I have never given much thought to how my life could change in a second, and if I did it was only to dream of a better lifestyle.
Rachel's Kidd's life changed in a second, but hers was anything but a better lifestyle, without warning her life became a living hell.
In her compelling book, 'Who Says?' Rachel honestly and with no holds barred, gives an account of her life since she was the victim of an under age driver who, in the car he had no right to be using, ploughed into her as she stood on the pavement, going about her daily business. This woman's life was to change forever.
Be warned, the language in this book isn't pretty by a long chalk, but Rachel bravely tells her story exactly as it happened and in doing so doesn't mince words. Neither does she attempt to cover up in any way the terrible person she became for a few utterly horrendous years while she battled with her inner demons. Her husband and family were treated with the utmost contempt or complete indifference, no more than pawns to serve her sordid purpose.
Her story, I'm pleased to say has a happy ending, but her life will never again be as it was before that fateful day in 1998.
I ran a gamut of emotions reading this book, pity, sadness, anger, joy, they are all there in Rachel Kidd's book for you to experience. Highly recommended reading.

Published: Moorna Publications on
ISBN: 9780987271563
List price: $2.99
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