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Kiss of Karma

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Kiss of Karma by Samahria Ramsen is a journey of three characters in the ultimate quest for love. You will read this treatise again and again, and enjoy the rapture of romance and success. You will taste the wind. You will drink the nectar of life, and begin to feel what you always wanted to feel.
In short, this tale will engulf you with beauty and help you to define your own desire, your own romance and your own perfect world in which you want to live.
This book is based on three cardinal principles of life: on formulating desire from the absolute and not from the relative; on attracting romance, the fuel that drives the spirit through eternity; and on envisioning of a New World, an individual world within, to manifest without.
The backdrop of Kiss of Karma is set against two worlds: The 21-st century, the age of imagination and creativity; and the Buddhistic Golden period of India, in the six century BC, the age of wise sages, fearless kings and exotic courtesans.
Kiss of Karma will haunt your mind. Your spirit will be in ecstasy as you will go through this journey of Natasha and Ram Shankar Roy. You will discover yourself; discover a New World, which is now aching to welcome you.

Tulshi Sen,
Author of “Ancient Secrets of Success for Today’s World ”

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