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The discovery of a young woman's dead body in a dumpster sets Detectives Jim Winston and Bill Evans in search of a punk musician in the exploding 1970's New York City punk scene.

Fresh off suspension, and under the watchful eye of the girl's mobster uncle, the detectives race to uncover the truth about the girl's death. Was her fall from a six story window an accident, suicide, or murder?

The case rests squarely on the wasted shoulders of Slade Mortimer, the former lead singer of MORTIFIED, famous for the cult classics, "Putrid Purification" and "Moist Man Meats".

Known as The Roaming Mortician, his die hard fans consider Slade a punk deity. Those who know him best consider Slade a psycopathic degenerate who belongs behind bars.

To the detectives, Slade is simply a missing suspect to be apprehended. On the hunt for the Roaming Mortician, the detectives follow Slade's trail from the raw world of punk music to the flat delta cotton fields of the deep South in search of the truth.

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Published: Idabel Allen on
ISBN: 9781111111113
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