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The Golden Rules of Business Success
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The Golden Rules of Business Success is a compact, informative guide to having a successful business. Written by an expert business consultant, this handy volume provides helpful advice for all areas of managing a business. From effective time management suggestions and insight into offering outstanding customer service to proper business etiquette and how to reduce overhead within your company.

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The Golden Rules of Business Success - Ali Asadi

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Chapter 1

Time Management

To be effective in completing your tasks, managing your time well is absolutely necessary. There are numerous examples of great opportunities being lost when time was not managed well.

Most of us would have to admit that our time could be managed better. Getting the most out of the time available to you is a skill worth developing. All it takes is some effort and determination.

First Things First—In his wonderful book First Things First, Stephen Covey asks you to list your jobs and classify them as important / not important and urgent / not urgent. You should then make a four-way grid.

Fit your jobs into the boxes. The urgent and important ones go in box 1; the important but not urgent jobs go in box 2, and so on. You certainly have to handle those in box 1 first, but once that is done, start on box 2 and keep at it until you finish. If you still have time left, work on box 3. As far as box 4 is concerned, simply flush it. As you follow this simple system for a few days, you will notice more work staying in box 2 and very little creeping into box 1. When that happens, you live most of your life in box 2; this is also called living in Quadrant 2. Things will stay under control and get done without becoming urgent.

Priority List—Many of us are too busy firefighting to make a list and prioritize it. You can keep the list in a diary, on a Smartphone, on the Google calendar, or wherever you prefer. Personally, I find that a small diary is the simplest to manage. If you have something important on that list, you might want to break it down into a few major components and list a few of those. If you have a large complex job that you can’t finish in a day, take a minute to break it down into smaller tasks. If you plan on finishing one or more of those tasks each day, you will find