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How to Open a Successful Thrift Shop

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If you think you might like to open a thrift shop,this book will answer all the questions you (should) have. From what factors you need to consider in your decision-making to completing a Business Plan ... from how to choose the best location to how to handle donations ... from the layout of the store to the pricing of the merchandise ...from record-keeping to licenses and permits and insurance - it's all here. Written by a woman who helped to open several successful thrift shops before opening one on her own, it's a first-hand account of the challenges you'll face and the tools you need to meet each one. While retail in America continues to slump, resale is doing better than ever. The growing number of people who want to save both their money AND the environment are just waiting for you to open your doors. With this book, you'll be ready for them in no time!

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