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Learn charisma, interesting conversation, and other social skills from your favorite movies, TV shows, books, and friends!

The author of How to Really Be a Better Writer: A Meta-Method of Learning and Playing with Words, Figures of Speech, Rhetoric, and Tropes invites you to check out this, his seminal work pertaining to charisma and social skill development.

This method of charisma and social skill development is as relevant for newbies as it is for seasoned pros. Gone are the days of having awkward conversations based on pick-up artist (PUA), “alpha male,” personal development, and self-help literature of dubious quality. The open method of development herein is adaptable and applicable to people of any gender. Inspired by ample research and the sentence method of language learning, this program utilizes spaced repetition and the most visible and preselected social interactions in society to mainline into your brain for the long-term the charisma and social skills that most inspire people.

Charisma is not as mysterious as many would have you believe. It is fundamentally a way of behaving and communicating that is an answer to a question. Some questions are spoken, some unspoken, and some totally subconscious, but the most charismatic learn how to answer as many as possible effectively and efficiently.

The longer you use this method faithfully, the greater the momentum of your growing body of charisma. This is a creative meta-method of charisma and social development that can be molded for each individual and used to appropriate the best parts of other methods. Thanks to the memory technology explained in this text, acquiring charisma and a whole host of social skills and behaviors becomes like a video game: you can stop and save your progress at any time, switch to a different game, and come back whenever you want.

You might learn and achieve a lot from merely observing and hanging out with a more charming friend, but this is usually only a form of local improvement. You'll probably faithfully imitate their best points in the near future, but what about years down the road?

This method is at once practical, effective, and fun. No gimmicks. While there is an almost seductively concrete plan for daily action laid out in this text, it remains remarkable in its ability to help you construct and internalize a unique character with a body of traits and social skills differentiated from those of everyone else.

The emphasis on verified principles of memory, language, mimicry, empathy, and psychology also means that this is an open method of charismatic development. Learn to blur the line between scripted and improvised interaction. Whether your desire is to move others in person, on stage, or on the Internet, the principles in this book apply.

For the means-ends minded longing for a reliable, systematic, and long-term solution, this is the answer!

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