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Effective Meetings

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Meetings are an integral part of leadership and management and may be the most important vehicle for collaboration, discussion, decision-making, and action. A well-run meeting is efficient, productive, and energizing for its participants. On the other hand, a poorly run meeting can be frustrating, unproductive, demoralizing—and a big waste of valuable time. When you learn effective ways to plan and run meetings, this ability will definitely contribute to your success as well as the success of your team and the organization as a whole.

In this ebook you’ll learn the fundamentals of running effective and productive meetings based on practical and experience tested strategies. You’ll also learn how to apply the basic principles of effective meetings to every day management and leadership scenarios. These new skills will not only help you properly design effective meetings but also help you react to situations in which a meeting doesn’t go quite go as planned. When you apply these principles to your work, your meetings will be more effective, your employees more engaged, and your organization more successful.

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