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Patty, Prissy, and Pablo Pig are entering a poster contest. They hope to win first prize, which will give them enough money to buy a nice home and move from their current residence, the dusty pig pen in the middle of Piggsburg.

As they paint purple petunias on their poster, they hear the approach of their never-ending foe, the wolf Lester Lobo. When they were just piglets, Lester's parents ate their parents. The community helped raise the orphaned three pigs.

As Lester walks along the road to Piggsburg, he sings a song letting Patty, Prissy, and Pablo know they will be the main course of his lunch, accompanied by sweet potatoes, apple sauce, and punch.

Now terrified, Prissy and Pablo each decide to build a house as protection from Lester. Patty, however, is tired of the constant menace Lester poses and uses her Problem Solving Matrix to discover a method to stop Lester from ever again threatening her siblings and herself.

When her higher order thinking skills provide an effective solution, Patty gives the credit to the excellent education she has received. Friends of the pigs hail her as a genius and want also to become intelligent. Establishing a school, The University of Piggsburg, becomes the goal for the community. Winning the poster contest is now emphasized.

The Pig Tales volumes, created by an award-winning educator, are designed to teach 3rd and 4th grade students various language arts skills through the use of fun characters.

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ISBN: 9781476379524
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Pig Tales - Lee Gabor

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This book is dedicated to all my grandchildren and great-grandchildren, as well as to the other kids I'm often with. It also is dedicated to the students I had during my four years as a teacher at Silberstein Elementary School in Dallas, Texas. Those classes were 02-03 (6th grade), 03-04 (6th grade), 04-05 (5th grade) and 05-06 (5th grade). To read more information about those classroom experiences, please see the section How This Book Came About at the end of the ebook.


Chapter 1 - We Must Win the Poster Contest

Prissy, Patty, and Pablo Pig stood just outside the pig pen where they lived. Chores had been ignored so they could paint purple petals on the petunias drawn on their poster.

I’m sure we’ll win the contest, portly Prissy stated. Purple petunias are precious.

Prissy, the musician, artist, and most fashionable of the three, loved alliteration and tried to make most of the words in her sentences begin with the same letter.

Her sister, the very intelligent and logical Patty, queried. Don’t you think we should paint some of the petals pink?

Absolutely not, answered Prissy. Using her own sense of what is reasonable, she added, We’re pink. If we painted pink petals and we stand by our poster, the judges won’t know where we end and our petunias begin!

Patty commented, What? Oh please, Prissy!

Makes sense to me, their brother Pablo interjected. Since his only goal in life was survival, which meant eating, drinking lots of water, sleeping, breathing, and keeping his heart beating, everything his sisters said was usually acceptable. However, he did enjoy giving Prissy a hard time at