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Following from my earlier book 'Black Sheep and Gold Diggers' this book tells the story of three of Elizabeth Vurlow’s sons George, Joe and Dave, who served in the AIF during World War One.
Joe joined first and went to Gallipoli where less than a day after arriving he fought in the battle of Lone Pine. From there he went to the Western Front and fought in nearly every major AIF battle until his luck ran out just before the war finished. Dave, the youngest, lied about his age and was second to join. He had many adventures, some of them in VD hospitals. George the eldest brother was married and was last to join. By the time he returned to Australia his life was changed forever.
The story includes descriptions of fighting in major battles seen from the boys' close-up and personal viewpoint, and the effects on their families after the war.

Published: Barry Allan on
ISBN: 9781476253619
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