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My story consist of two young boys. The first boy is: 8-year-old Nathan, he is a boy that is full of excitement and joy and likes to have fun, a boy who loves his grandfather and is enthralled by the wonderful story his grandfather tells one Thanksgiving night.

The second is Bobby, a character in Grandfather’s story, who partakes on an exciting adventure with his truck driving uncle; an adventure that takes him first to a secret warehouse where his uncle picks up a most unusual load and then to the North Pole, where Bobby meets Santa and his elves and makes an incredible discovery in the barn where the reindeer sleep.


Eight year old Nathan awakes Thanksgiving Day morning quite excited about his grandfather coming to dinner.

At bedtime Nathans grandfather reads him a story from a book about a young boys adventure with his Uncle on a trip to the North Pole where he meets Santa Clause and discovers what make reindeer fly and other secrets.

After his grandfather leaves the room Nathan accidentally knocks the book onto the floor and discovers that the book his grandfather had just read from is filled with blank pages.

To whom it may concern:

I am introducing quite possibly the most radical and conceptually different way of marking and publishing a book unlike anything that has ever been done. Coming from a complete unknown author it will be quite a challenge. I wish (upon a star;hint, hint) to find an agent and or publisher that is looking for something new and exciting and would pick up my story and marketing strategy and run with it.

This is the first of two books in English (Spanish version coming soon (working on it)) with the same exact title. This book primary function is to be read by individuals of any age for their own enjoyment and or read it to a child and or children.

The second is not a different version but a whole new radically different concept.

The second books cover is to match the first exactly and is also in English (Spanish) version coming soon (easier, only the cover) with the same title contains nothing but blank pages; its primary function is to be found by the child and or children. Should you have chosen to have read the first version, you will understand how the blank version is marketable. The first version (including the text) is a stand alone item, it is an excellent tale. The second version (blank) needs the first to work. The first is a already an working title using the electronic formats (ebook) look for it everywhere (please).

I am also looking for an illustrator; obviously an illustrated version would stand on its own merit. Obviously both the text with or without the blank version as well as the illustrated version are extremely time sensitive. The end product would have to hit the shelves running on or before Thanks Giving Day.

Works in progress:

A true life story of a Mexican women who wants for a better place for her children to grow up in and the trials and tribulations she had to endure at the hands of an abusive husband because of illegal immigration rules and regulations and the constant threat of deportation.

Everyone knows how to share; it is a process you learn as a child. Have something, divide it into multiple parts, keep one, give the rest to others. It is a process adults generally do not think about. But what if the process had to be shared with ones self. This is a story of two individual men who share one body.

Published: Wm. G. Thilgen Jr. (Billl) on
ISBN: 9781476073484
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