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The Forgotten Cost of Freedom

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This book was born of the frustration the author felt while watching the 2011 debt ceiling debacle play out on TV. It took form while the Presidents approval rating sunk to a low 36% and matured into its present state as the Congressional approval rating steadily fell to a miserable 14%. During that time the mood of the nation was, and continues to be, general disgust for our elected representatives and a strong desire for change. The author, Eric J. Kiser, finally had enough. This political manifesto is his attempt to tell it like he see's it.

The American public seems to have forgotten how this country is supposed to work. Voters today seem to think the answer to all our problems will be some politician already working in one of the legislative bodies. And that this mythical career politician will actually be able to bring about all the needed improvements and reforms by themselves. The American people obviously have no idea how to go about achieving real political change because if we did, then we would not end up convincing ourselves to place our trust with a candidate or political party who claims to have all the answers. We continue to believe that, besides all available evidence, this time it will be different.

Meanwhile, the political parties have managed to brainwash the majority of Americans into either liberal or conservative groups. Red People or Blue People. Left or Right. And we stand convinced that the fault for all our problems falls squarely in the lap of the opposition. Do we really believe that one party has all the answers? Or that the other is the cause of every problem on earth? I don't think so. Could it be that each side has some ideas or platforms that are good for America and others that are not so good? This seems a little more accurate. But the most likely scenario is that both party's share much of the blame for the problems in our current political system and both have a vested interest in maintaining the status quo.

This book was written with one goal in mind: It is an attempt to get more Americans thinking about taking control of their government once again. This book suggest ways on how to do that by removing emotion from the equation and replacing it with logic, common sense and a little bit of humor. If we can just put away our partisanship long enough to remember a few basic concepts, then perhaps we can all come to a greater understanding of the work that needs to be done..... And why its up to us to do it.

At the very least, the author hopes he can get you to reassess your current commitment to your own self government and encourage you to demand the rights and freedoms you were guaranteed by all those who came before us.

Remember, its not about "Left" or Right"... Its about all of us working together.

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