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Twist of Fate

240 pages3 hours


Rogue storm chaser, Remy Tate learned the hard way, nature is a beast. She’s dedicated her life to chasing storms and saving as many lives as possible in the process. Her fast—paced job doesn’t leave much room for anything other than hopefully sleep and making it to the next storm in time.

Sarah Phillips started out on the safe side as a meteorologist, but a chance encounter with Remy has her yearning for something far more exciting. She not only falls for Remy’s same career, but falls into bed with her much to her chagrin. For the last eight years, she remembers that night if only to keep from repeating the same mistake.

The only thing more unpredictable than a tornado is love and the two women soon realize that outrunning the perfect storm is a lot easier than outrunning love.

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