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Adventure With a Glass Eye
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Young Graham Laycock is cheerful, confident, precocious and assertive. Tragedy strikes when he is nine years old, and for two years he is without hope.Attending the School for the Blind marks a new beginning. It’s here his extraordinary vision starts as tricks with his glass eye and develops into career aspirations way beyond the sheltered workshop for the blind. At this point the public gets behind Graham and a Western Australian newspaper dubs him ‘Perth’s boy’. Graham’s vision matures into the facility to dream big, helping many others along the way, especially the blind and underprivileged.Graham’s adventurous spirit, humour, mischieiousness, resilience and faith are evidenced as we share in his many challenges and achievements.In the words of Graham’s lifelong friend, former Police Commissioner Bruce Scott APM, ‘...given the slightest opportunity, Graham would have a go at anything...anything at all...’
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Adventure With a Glass Eye - Julie Anita Raymond

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