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DragonSwords: Foundations of Order

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The DragonSwords: ancient weapons, myths of a time long passed. A time when dragon armies filled the skies, battling on behalf of their patron gods. The DragonSwords, and their masters, the DragonSlayers, heralded the dawn of a new age. The mighty dragon armies, subjugated by the mortal DragonSlayers, ended their conflict. But the battles of the gods continued, finding new forms in the mortals that brought the dragons to heel.
For Julian Marrin, the DragonSlayers and their creations are little more than legend, tales of a time centuries before he was born. But Julian Marrin is more than just the simple soldier he believes himself to be. The bards already sing of Julian Marrin, the high commander of the army that ended the God War. In time, Julian’s tale will become but one part of the story of the DragonSwords, a legend that encompasses the beginning and the end of the Age of the DragonSlayers.

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