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The Litigation Junkie
The Litigation Junkie
The Litigation Junkie
Ebook160 pages2 hours

The Litigation Junkie

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About this ebook

Written by a wig and gown litigator this is the how to avoid disaster in litigation. An insider's warts and all expose of the litigation junkie. Our hapless Cove is in litigation and won’t get out. Our jaundiced author will attempt to help the Cove before it’s too late: he’ll wriggle and squirm, switch me off, slam the book shut, ignore me and no doubt continue on his hapless way. Watch the fun as he destroys his life in the labyrinth of litigation. Unfortunately for the Cove and the many innocents who enter the legal system every year, it's all true.
This small work is a cautionary but hopefully helpful guide, written with a number of purposes in mind but its primary aim is to attempt to save the Hapless Cove from himself. I accept that is unlikely to happen, addiction being what it is, but nothing ventured, nothing gained. What is written here was forged in the fire of legal practice and a resulting sound, if jaundiced knowledge, of the Hapless Cove and the litigation process. This is otherwise known as the legal system or the administration of Justice. For the discussion of the administration of Justice as pure delusion please see my entry in the book at J.

PublisherSuzie Louis
Release dateApr 4, 2012
The Litigation Junkie
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Suzie Louis

It's strange what you eventually come up with when you write for other people: some elements of your own experience emerge as well as fresh, new stories that seem to come from nowhere. This has been my experience since I began to write for pleasure. I initially used my professional and personal life to produce Deepwater, the Litigation Junkie and Diary of a Novice Market Organiser but also found a stream of fantasy that became the Archie the Royal Hot Water Bottle series. I continue to find the creative writing process interesting as I work on a new novel and hope you enjoy the results so far.

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