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Lenna's Fimbulsummer

195 pages2 hours


The last dragon is dead. The flood of magic known as Fimbulsummer is arrived. Unless Lenna and her friends can stop the flood, the world will drown in magic.

Lenna and her best friend Binnan Darnan walk up the enchanted rainbow of Bifrost. At the top, Asgard is an empty place. The few gods that remain are no help. Four-armed Baldur takes the mortals to meet Gullvig, a goblin woman who knows the secrets of magic. With Gullvig's help, Lenna walks alone into the damaged magic of the world, hoping to repair it.

But when you're alone, it's easy to meet the wrong sort of people. Misled, Lenna finds herself making very bad decisions. It takes a very small friend to guide her through the maze.

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