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Sarah was uncomfortable with the idea of eavesdropping on Aunt Charity’s and Uncle Ethan’s private conversation, but she was anxious to hear what her uncle had to say about their tutor, Gabrielle Gordon.

“...spends most of her evenings in Christiana Campbell’s Tavern listening to the men talk about the Revolution,” he was saying as Sarah dropped silently beside Abigail beneath the open window. His words were as clear as though they were in the room with them. “We’ve suspected her for a while, but she’s very clever. We haven’t been able to catch her passing on what she hears to her British contact, whoever it is. Most likely it’s the infamous ‘Demon Devon’ who eludes our every trap! If only I could get my hands on him!”

“But, Ethan, she’s so gracious, so genteel, so....”

“So treacherous, Charity,” he finished for her. “You heard Sarah say she’s interested in me. I’m telling you, she only tutors our children to gain information about my activities and the action of the colonial army. She’s a Tory, Charity, a Loyalist of the King of England! She has caused untold damage to our efforts, and she would see me hanged by the British in a heartbeat!”

Sarah gasped, inhaling the horsey scent of the boxwoods around her. She turned to find her own shock mirrored in Abigail’s wide blue eyes. Her mind whirled dizzily. Surely Uncle Ethan was mistaken! Their wonderful Gabrielle couldn’t be a spy! “I’ve got to find out if it’s true, Abigail!” she whispered....

Sarah knew Aunt Charity would have a conniption if she knew she was out here alone on this dark street, with soldiers—and spies?—all over town. But she had to see Gabrielle, question her. Warn her? If Gabrielle were being falsely accused, Sarah knew she had to help her somehow. And if the accusations were not false? The suspicion burned its way into her mind. What would she do then?

Published: Wanda Luttrell on
ISBN: 9781476457628
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