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Finding, seeing, or discovery a point of gratitude each day, in my every day daily life.

Prose-poem works conveying a sometimes dramatic, but much more often mundane day to day living of each day.

Yet identifying something to be grateful for, or recognizing what I may already be grateful for, but hadn't realized it.

Thus each day is a practice of awareness, something we all already do.


Everyday gratitude. One for each day.

In finding gratitude each day, every day, I've come to see that many days, most days, that gratitude has to be accessible, something I can reach and see and accept.

So many of these poems, are of little things in my day.

"Everyday Gratitude Vol 1" is my second series of small prosepoem ebooks. As with my first series, "A Month of Mornings Vol 1" I've been surprised how, despite the day to day variance of daily life, a sense of who I am, remains strongly in place each day.

If the string of days in words in "A Month of Mornings" have become an inspiration for me, these short poems in "Everyday Gratitude" have become a revelation. There is so much to be grateful for each day.

Add, that I have recently moved, with my wife Sheila, from Texas to her own home state of Vermont, sprinkles, like snowflakes, another unique layer to these poems.

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Thank you for stopping by, sincerely,

Adan Lerma


Additional Note:

Please Read:

I am breaking usual protocol regarding book descriptions, and offering a gentle heads up about all the books in each of my small ebook series.

These books may not be what you might expect. ;-)

There are no thrill images in the books with images. There's no complex thought structure in the writings in those series books.

My intent, from the beginning, is to offer my own simple, every day, common place experiences that any one might have, in the course of living daily life, day to day. And thus encourage others to also feel compassion for their own experiences, and realize we all can take baby steps to being better people.

I have photographed since high school, from a time when film was precious, tiny smokey light bulbs provided lighting, and there was no recourse to "fix" a picture digitally. ;-)

My writing years began only a bit later in the early 70s.

Except for honing how i write and how i compose pictures (both of which are really endless pleasures) plus the wonderful flexibility that digital provides, not much has changed. The struggle, the challenge, the pleasure, is still being in each day the best I can.

I do believe each of us is capable of changing for the better, but I feel it's more a changing to the person we already are, but maybe not frequently enough. ;-)

Each series of books deals with an aspect of working to make a better self of being in our world. There are no grand moments that answer everything and encapsulate the whole process of living, or of reading my books. ;-)

It's always been a process for me, and remains so here.

I'm placing this "Please Read" in the description for each volume in each of my current series:

"A Month of Mornings" (prose poetry)

"Everyday Gratitudes" (prose poetry)

"Everyday Inspirations, Photo-Poems"

"Creative Gratitudes, ArtPhotoPoems"

For those who have and will enjoy my work, my deepest grateful thanks. For those who would like something else, I fully understand, there is much "out there" I don't much like either. :-) It is part of the wonderfulness of the diversity of nature and our world.

I will respond to any comments as able and appropriate, positive and negative and in-between, as long as they are constructive in nature. ;-)

Thanks so much. Below is my o

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