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How to Live and Die Without Regrets

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It has been documented that people who are in the latter stages of life express common regrets about the life that they have lived. A number of recent books have been written about such regrets. Many people, especially men, wish that they had not worked so hard and spent so long away from family. More are sorry that they listened to other people’s expectations about their own lives. Other people bemoaned the way that life had just seemed to get in the way of staying in touch with friends. many just lamented their lack of happiness.

Isn’t it interesting that in these most frequent causes of regret there is no mention of money or any material wealth at all? Certainly none of these sorrows was caused by lack of money. Each one was, in essence, a life-choice. It may have been almost a sub-conscious life-choice but they chose it. What is common to people who made such a list of ‘targets missed’ was their failure to realise that there is a choice about the way that each of us lives.

Frank Bond offers a number of solutions to this epidemic of sorrow using examples and stories. It is not about ‘a-million-things-to-do-while-you-are-alive’ or ‘the best-places-to-visit’. Instead, the reader is invited to examine his/her life. It is about the real day-to-day way of life that each of us chooses.

Throughout this book one is challenged to consider life and, if necessary, to alter it for the better before it is too late. Nothing is suggested that is too difficult for someone who really does want to live without regrets. Each solution, and there are twenty in all, costs nothing. Each solution may be put into effect almost immediately. This book is easy to read but a powerful tool for anyone who is serious about living the best life that is possible.

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