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In Canada there lives a most interesting man whose creativity, radical use of language, strange themes and wide range of thought are comparable only to James Joyce in his late period. He is Glen Kealey, an unconventional genius who is part prophet, part philosopher, part conspiracy theorist, and leader of a small band of truth seekers who hold fantastical beliefs that derive from an alleged code hidden in the alphabet. This study compares Kealey and Joyce by examining their common ground as well as their noteworthy differences in psychological approach and creative process. It uncovers the difference and the value of Joyce having been a playful, literary author rather than a serious, deadpan guru. While this study does NOT denigrate or make fun of Kealey and his followers, an afterward does pose an unpleasant but necessary question: Besides university standing, what is the difference between Joycean academics and Kealey's group, which many people would dismiss as a fanatical cult?

Published: Don A Lashomb on
ISBN: 9781476250052
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