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Journey Through the Antiverse

143 pages2 hours


Ten year olds, Jimmy and Micky, fight over an old book and end up in the Antiverse. They are befriended by Chitwe the witch. Having lost most of the book during their journey, Chitwe tells them they must find all the pages before they can go home. She is not allowed to help them unless they are in real danger, but she gives them riddles to solve and things to help when they are in real fear of peril. These include a feather with which they can fly and one of Chitwe’s hairs to make them invisible. In the unfriendly forest they rescue a leprechaun, Patrick, who befriends and joins them. On their journey they meet the Dumuds and are captured by the Args. There are also surprises. They are told to beware of the winds, but when they meet the friendly Tricky March Wind they help him to get home. After the friends are imprisoned by the fairies, The North wind, Tricky’s father, helps them escape. Escaping with them is TB, a fairy with attitude. They spend time with a dragon family and help the cat colony fight the Fungoids. With the end of their journey in sight the group are trapped by the Petris. With Micky concussed and Jimmy with a broken leg can the friends overcome this final danger and return home?

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