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If you are struggling in the midst of battle against the Husks, Cerberus or even Phantoms in Mass Effect 3, then this is the right place to be. The EZ Guides Mass Effect 3 walkthrough guide will get you through the single player campaign mode. We'll tell you how to fight the enemies, where to direct the Normandy and even where to find weapons. Following this guide, you can successfully shoot your way to the end of the game.

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Xbox 360, PS3, PC

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Mass Effect 3 Walkthrough


When you first load Mass Effect 3, you will be faced with a choice to determine the gender of your Commander Shepard. You can start afresh as a male or female, or, if you have played Mass Effect 2, choose to import a character from the previous title. This will allow you to start at a higher level, anything up to Level 30. Another advantage of doing this is that you can also give twenty power points to you and your squad.

The next decision you have to make is to choose your experience. Here you get to decide on a mode for gameplay. The choices are Action, Role Playing and Story. In Action mode, you focus more on the combat that the story. The combat difficulty is adjustable and conversations play as cutscenes. Role Playing mode is the traditional mode of Mass Effect. Here you can customise your character and choose dialog responses. The combat difficulty is adjustable. Lastly, there is Story mode, which focuses more on the story than the combat, allowing you to experience the story without difficult combat. For this guide, we will be playing in Role Playing mode.

Once you have made your selection, so long as you didn't choose Action, you will now get to choose your class, which will determine the powers and weapons available to you and your psychological profile, which will slightly affect dialogue options.

When you choose the psychological profile, you will be asked to choose between two characters. The one that you choose will not appear in the game.

The first cutscene will see you meet with some new and old faces. When the cutscene is over, it's time to escape.

Begin by following Anderson. Use the waypoint indicator to find your way. If you click the right analogue stick, you can see your target. Follow the commands that you see.

You will see Husks and you can use your pistol to take them down. It takes a few shots, but they won't notice you to begin with, so the whole time they are ignoring you, it's best not to try to take them on.

When you reach a ladder, simply approach it to climb down. You will come across more Husks, which you need to take out with melee attacks. The best way to do this is to go up to them from behind and hit melee.

The Reaper will wreck the top of the building, so go ahead and enter the building. Salvage the Med Kit and you will get a First Aid Power recharge of 100XP. This will enable you to heal yourself from the Powers menu.

When you approach the door, there will be more Husks to take out. Use Heavy Melee for this. Go through the door and there will be a cutscene. In this you can get Paragon (the top right option)/Renegade (the bottom right option) points.

Make sure that you pick up the Heat Sinks as this is ammo.

Take out the Dreadnought and then you will soon encounter a couple of soldiers who are hiding from Cannibals. They will take cover and aim at you, so follow this and mirror their movements, aiming for their mouths when you take them out.

Salvage the next med kit and you will soon face more Cannibals, so take them out. You will find the radio towards the right and having used it, you will unlock M8 Avenger I. This weapon is good against Cannibals, so use it to take them out. When you've done this, you can board the Normandy.

Priority: Mars

Shepard and the crew of the Normandy have been sent to Mars to investigate the Reaper.

When you arrive, you will be given the chance to level up. Make sure you do. Once you have, head to the archives. When you drop down, examine the corpse by clicking the right stick and then examine in the enemies in the distance. This will get you