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With this book, you’ll get help with basic study skills and develop habits that will last a lifetime. You’ll see ideas that come from 40 years of teaching and writing textbooks and tests (etc.). You'll get an insider's view, and the tips, tricks, and strategies to help you be a better student.
How about homework? When you start your homework, what should you do first? What are good questions to ask when you do homework? How can you best use your textbook? How can your parents really help you with homework?
What’s the best way to learn something? (teach it) How do you do that? Do you know how concept maps can help you learn? (Do you know how to draw one?) Why are vocabulary words so important? How (and when) do you review? Do you know your learning style? How about how to use it?
What about class? You'll get ideas for making the most of class--from taking notes to figuring out your teacher's verbal and physical cues (if you can read them, you’ll know what’ll be on tests). (By the way, what's the one word you should avoid when talking with a teacher?) You’ll get help for sharing more in class, finding the right seat, and paying attention even when you’re bored.
Test day doesn’t have to be a day of dread. This book tells you how to deal with test anxiety, how to prepare for a test, the best strategies for each type of question (including how to look for clues on multiple choice tests), what to do when you run into trouble, and what to do when you fail a test. (Tip: What’s the one item you should bring to a test that can save the day? a pocket pencil sharpener)
This book also helps you with your writing. It has lots of tips as well as help with proofreading. (You may want to teach the rule of threes to your parents.) And you’ll get help with using SQ3R when you read (if you don’t know what that is, you really need this book).
Do you need help with organizing? You’ll get it here. You’ll know how many calendars you need (and how to use them), how to schedule a long-term project, and even what to look for when buying a backpack.
This book is meant to stay with you and be easy to look at and use. If your parents also get the parent’s guide and use it, you should see more success in school—and in life.

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ISBN: 9781476451244
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