Power Up Your Child's Study Habits
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Your involvement with your child's schoolwork is critical for success. Effective involvement will pay off for your child. This book will help you be more effective.
Many students are not even taught how to learn. Many don’t know what their learning style is (or how to use it). And how often are parents taught effective strategies for helping with homework, what to look for on open house night, and how to get the most out of meeting with teachers?
This book and the companion books for students are filled with easy-to-use lists, helpful tips, examples, practical suggestions, and enough ideas to last through the years. The parent’s guide and the student books are coordinated to make it easier for you to support the skills taught in the student books, like how to draw and use concept maps, how to get the most out of textbooks, and how to organize time (and space and stuff). You'll even see tips for buying (and using) a backpack (and why you need a brightly colored folder in it).
You’ll get lots of help for homework time, including 16 basic things to remember, your four important homework tasks, methods and questions you can use, and help with scheduling long-term projects. You’ll also find ways to more effectively help your child prepare for (and take) tests. We’ll look at how to deal with test anxiety (and failure) and some secrets about test questions your child’s teacher may not know. (You and your older child will get the tools you need to ace an organic chemistry quiz when you know nothing about the subject!)
How can you help your child read more and read better? (Do you know about SQ3R? And how to use it?) How can you help your child write more and write better? (How can you help with a writing assignment?) You’ll get specific suggestions. Do you know the one-word secret for success in school? (connections) How do you make connections? You’ll see suggestions throughout the book.
We even go beyond the school with ideas on using community resources and travel for learning. We talk about the four skills your child (and you) need to be a life-long learner, and how to help your child develop these skills.
Another book in this series is written for tutors. If you hire a tutor, this book will help make the time you’re paying for more effective. All of these books have so many ideas that they are meant to stay with you through the years.

Published: Rachel Becker on
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