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Noah is the story of pilot John Grey, whose flight around the world is terminated by a crash into the middle of a war somewhere in Eastern Europe. Freedom fighters repair his aircraft and treat his injuries, then ask him to return their goodness by transporting a sick priest to his home in Turkey. Mr. Grey complies with their request, and delivers the priest, Micah Ben Allihad, to Igdir, a small town near the Ararat Mountains in eastern Turkey. Micah and the villagers show their appreciation by guiding Grey on the greatest adventure of his life. They take him to Noah’s Ark, which is partially lodged in a cave near the top of Ararat and is the centerpiece of an ancient monastery that has been in constant operation since the time of Noah.

A close friendship develops between Micah and John, leading the priest to reveal many of the secrets of the cave of Noah. Among them are a written history of Noah’s people, from the epic voyage of the Ark up to the current year, a room of stone tablets that provide cures for the diseases of mankind, and one of God’s greatest gifts to Noah and his descendents, a portal that allows those who know its use to see and communicate with those in Heaven.

Teddy Moore is a small boy with brain cancer. After undergoing over two years of surgeries, radiation, and chemotherapy, the condition has worsened and his doctors have given up hope. At Micah’s request, John Grey brings to Teddy a healing solution prepared in the cave of Noah. The potion cures Teddy of the cancer, but comes at a price. Teddy is required to come to the cave of Noah and work with the monks for one year when he reaches the age of twenty-one. Mr. Grey acts as intermediary between the monks and the boy, and provides transportation to and from the monastery in his airplane.

After his required year of monastic service, Teddy decides to stay with the order. He is given an assignment to complete a college education in nanotechnology at the University of Washington. The stone healing tablets contain specific mineral combinations that, when mixed with water that flows through the Ark, cure the various diseases and conditions that afflict mankind, and allow for a long and healthy life. After thousands of years of use, the stones are wearing out and the minerals are almost depleted. Teddy’s assignment is to become expert in nanotechnology, which is the science of building virtually anything at an atomic level, and to find a way to replenish the minerals or otherwise provide cures to the monks.

During his years of study at college, Teddy’s mother is diagnosed with cancer, and eventually dies from the disease. Teddy is devastated by her death, and blames himself for not having been fast enough in providing her with a nanotechnological cure. He returns to the monastery, and John doesn’t hear from him for over fifteen years. Retired and listless in his older years, John receives an email from the monastery asking him to come as soon as possible. He complies, and finds that all of his old friends, Micah, Teddy, and Sharon, are now in Heaven. John is taken to the portal, where he is allowed to speak with them. Each friend speaks to him, giving him an account of some of what has transpired in the preceding years. At the end of the visit, they give John an incredible choice. ...cross over into Heaven for eternal life with God, or remain as one of God’s children on earth doing His work. The encounter with his friends and the decision process itself brings him to the realization that, with a faith in God he has never felt before, his separation from Heaven is only one of the mind. With faith, he can see into Heaven without being present in this special room with the Heavenly curtain. With faith, he can be in contact with the love of God, his friends, and his family each moment of the rest of his earthly life. He decides to stay and do the work of God for as long as he can be of service.

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