The Realtor & Investor's Complete Step by Step Guide To Mastering Foreclosures By State (Insider Secrets to Finding, Listing, Selling AND Profiting from Foreclosure Properties in ALL 50 States!)
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Why " The Realtor and Investor’s Complete Step-by-Step Guide to Mastering
Foreclosures by State..." eBook and why now??
When you scan the search engines and stuff you are probably a little overwhelmed by all the varieties of books on foreclosures (nothing on foreclosures by state, though) that are out there. I mean who wouldn't want to write a book (or two, or three) about a subject that is probably ALWAYS in the evening news, right?

Well, that was NOT our motivation on bringing you this eBook. Our motivation was to simply give the best information we possibly could in an effort to just "do our part" as real estate professionals to help other real estate professionals through what may be one of the most difficult things they could deal with as real estate professionals - the foreclosures by state crisis in this country.

You see, guys, this mess we are in is not really going away any time soon. Yeah, we hear the same talking "pin-heads" on the news and other media outlets that you do but do you really think THEY know what's going on when they are typically the same ones who a few short years ago were saying BUY, BUY, BUY when people should have been told SELL, SELL, SELL??


But, I digress...This eBook (and a hard copy is also available if you so desire) is simply designed to give you information (and a LOT of it at that) to help you make sense of what is going on TODAY and how you, as a Realtor or investor, can carve a niche out for yourself from it.


We just wanted to level the playing field, so to speak, with this eBook. If you are a realtor, or investor, you can spend weeks, if not months, (not to mention thousands of dollars) compiling all this information for yourself about foreclosures by state...probably much longer...and unless you have nothing but time (and disposable income) on your hands that should not be your first, or most prudent, choice.


Like we said earlier, there are a lot of books you could buy that give very limited information about this or that, as it relates to foreclosures, but this is the only book that we know of that gives you clear, complete and comprehensive, step-by-step information all about foreclosures by state and what you can do to capitalize on this market NO MATTER WHICH OF THE 50 STATES YOU ARE IN!!

When you add this robust eBook to your reading/learning library, you will find contained within it's pages:

1. The REAL cause of all these foreclosures out there (the answer may surprise you).
2. Why the "Big G." is the worst place to turn to to fix the problem.
3. How to wade through all the "legalese" out there and MAKE MONEY anyway!
4. The different types of deeds out there and what they mean to you, the seller AND the buyer.
5. The differences between a mortgage and trust deed foreclosure.
6. How a judicial foreclosure works.
7. How a "Power of Sale" works.
8. You may be a "newbie" to foreclosures, real estate or both but that doesn't mean you have to make this HUGE "newbie mistake"!
9. The sneaky little technique now used by the lenders to virtually eradicate ALL those buyers who want to use "stated income criteria" to get a loan.
10. If you were thinking the real competition for foreclosures by state is other Realtors or investors you would be DEAD WRONG!!
11. The absolute BEST source for your future clients and how to get this information for less than a cup of java a day!!
12. Why you NEVER ask for a "foreclosure list".
13. The BEST way to contact these distressed home-owners BY FAR!!
14. What is the one thing you MUST BE CERTAIN the seller has before you take the listing or have them sign a contract.
15. How to take ALL this information and make anywhere from $10,000 - $50,000 a month, OR MORE!!

...and much, much more!

Truth be told, even if you are a home-owner facing foreclosure by

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