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Golden Boy

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This is a story about how falling in love caused a war. It is a story about how a beautiful and bewitching woman stole a fortune from her husband and ran away with his enemy.
So far so good.
If then I tell you that the woman and the man are Helen and Paris and that the people they stole from were the Greeks then you have the story. Except that this story is about now not three thousand years ago.
If you know your Homer (or if you have seen the film about Troy) then you will recognise the characters and events but this story is about crime and drugs, guns and sex, killing and being killed. It is about different places – London, Greece, Amsterdam, Africa, Afghanistan. It is about a deserted wife, about a bastard discovered, about assassins and assassinations. Above all it is a story about instant and insatiable lust, about a woman so lovely and compelling that men died desiring her.
Golden Boy is Book One of “Pathways to Revenge”; Book Two is on the way.

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