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The Prodigy: Greatness Has A Price

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Questionable behavior blankets the world of American Football at every turn. Many wonder where the most profitable sport in the world is headed at its current pace. In the year 2021, the entire planet is captivated by a superior athlete who seems to have appeared out of nowhere. Miles Starr must cope with his unintended fame, while navigating his senior year of high school. Everyone wants a piece of what many have come to know as "The Prodigy.” Miles is challenged to survive a deceptive girlfriend, manipulative teammates, a conniving sports agent, and Corporate America. As secrets are revealed, motives are uncovered. Will Miles rise to greatness and become a legend, or fold under the enormous pressure while the game clock is counting down? Throughout history, great individuals have always paid a price. Why should it be any different in the future?

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