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100 Ways to Love Yourself...And Why It Matters to All of Us

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What might our world be like if you truly loved yourself, if I loved myself, and every other person did the same?

I need you to love yourself. The world needs you to love yourself. Our survival as a race and a planet depends upon it.

And the wonderful, magical reality is that loving yourself can be such a blast!

100 Ways to Love Yourself...And Why It Matters to All of Us, the new e-book by Tom McLaughlin, Jr., is a guide to treating yourself with the love you deserve simply because you exist. In it you will discover 100 fun and meaningful activities that support you to lavish your body, mind, heart, and soul with loving attention. And living these acts of self-love is guaranteed to inspire your imagination to create even more acts of self-love, for yourself and others.

100 Ways...will also serve as a conversation starter about why the world desperately needs you to love yourself with abandon. Our world is hungrier now for authentic self-lovers than ever before. Women and men who love themselves deeply, thoroughly, and joyfully in every season of their lives, these are the contemporary wise ones who will serve as inspiring and vision-guided leaders in all walks of life.

Come along with me on an adventure of loving....

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