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Over one hundred ten original arts poems for : Dance, Yoga, Music, Art, Theatre, Writing, and more, including a small selection of photopoems.

from the forward :

Publishing my body of poetry work from the early 90s onward, for all the various topics my wife and I wrote poems for beginning during our art and mall shows during the 90s, has been a true labor of love.

I’ve held my arts related poetry for near the end of accomplishing that, setting out collections for sports, teachers, nurses, family, lovers, and even new work related to gratitude, inspirations, and photography.

Though I still have a body of work related to professions and business, plus later, from out of storage in Texas, our astrology poetry, I’ve completed formatting and presenting enough work, I feel can now relax and concentrate on my core work, the arts.

Included, for me, is poetry work for dance, music, art, writing, photography, misc activities, and yes, even yoga.

All of these arts fields have a “science” component. Yet what makes me feel they are more “arts” for me, is the expressive element for the individual.

If, in addition to needing to learn a dance step routine, or how paints mix, or working filters and layers in photoshop, or how to read music, I also reach a point were my own expressiveness superseded the technical aspects, then I tend to think of that activity as an “art.” ;-)

Over a hundred and ten poems are included in this largest collection yet. A handful of poems are included in more than one category that I felt were too balanced between two art forms to only be in one group.

Thank you so much for being interested in the arts, and I wish us all the best in our creative endeavors. ;-)

Published: Felipe Adan Lerma on
ISBN: 9781476424750
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