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Accordingly, many people choose not to speak of it, and most men choose to macho-up, tough-it-out, suck-it-up and more often than not, try to drink-it away. That describes the author.

Joe Bell’s affliction began at the age of nine after he experienced the dawning of what would eventually become a lifelong conflict. As he explains in this unusual autobiography and memoir, he had no idea that his life would traverse such a well-camouflaged and crooked path, and that he would feel most of his life as though he were two entirely different people, one a shadowy figure that seemed to always be walking alongside him.

In the end, Joe learned that hope can take the shape of a sweet bond, a gleeful romance, or an emotional healing realized through a tough truth, all leading to a triumph in the face of appalling tragedies.

His story is heartwarming, agonizing, and bittersweet, and it’s about much more than just Joe’s story. It’s also the story of his family and friends--a behind-the-scenes look at how they lived, laughed, loved, cried together, and died, leaving only Joe behind to tell their story.

This book may stay with you long after the last page has been read, especially if you apply in your life what Joe Bell says has been redeeming in his.

Published: Joe H. Bell, Jr on
ISBN: 9780615590219
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