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Having been in the spotlight since 1997 when he joined the ranks of the AFL as a 17-year-old, Heath Black, an ex-Docker and Saints’ midfielder, was known to be a tough, reliable left-footer. But underneath his tough exterior a storm was brewing, ready to erupt and release its fury. It started bubbling to the surface in 2006 with an alcohol-fuelled assault at the Perth Cup which led to Heath’s premature retirement from football in 2008.

After leaving the regimented world of professional sport the real battle began. Depression, anxiety, alcoholism and uncontrollable anger reared their ugly heads resulting in a series of very public misdemeanours and the destruction of Heath’s marriage, career opportunities, friendships and public image. Teetering on the edge of oblivion he reached out for help and found it in the form of a proper diagnosis, Bipolar II and Adult ADHD, resulting in the correct medication which has helped him get his life back on track.

In Black, Heath tells his story, revealing the depths of his dark days in 2009, his struggle to get his life back and finally his triumph of learning to live with his conditions. It took him six years to work out what was going wrong in his life and find the right solutions. Black is about telling his story to try and help others who have lost their way in life.

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