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Seven Slinky Short Stories

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As short story collections go, this is one.

A compendium of stories that don't go on for anywhere near as long as a novella or novel or one of those old tomes that make great door stops.

These short stories have brevity. Wit. Class. Well some of them. What they don't have is a lot of words.

If you are looking to buy short stories online, you've found some, One short story is so short, it barely fills a page. That doesn't mean it's short on quality. Far from it.

If you’ve not encountered Jon Lymon’s short story writing before, ‘Seven Slinky Shorts’ gives you a chance to dip your toes in without losing any of them to opportunistic sharks, snidey jellyfish or frost bite.

Those who have encountered Lymon’s writing before, have said this about the shorts in this slinkiest of collections:

“This short story rockets down the page like a runaway train.”
“One of the most enjoyable reads I've had for some time.”
“A catchy, clever story.”

“The writer moves along with such rhythm, I wonder if he hasn't written music.”

“A good style, fast and sophisticated. The narrative technique is funny and concise.”

“The author's on to something original.”

“This story has a potential to become a good shortie if directed well.”

“Fast, funny and furious.”

“It reminds me of the techniques used in some hip hop, Coolio's ‘Too Hot’ is one that springs to mind.”

“Highly distinctive.”


“Whew. That's a different kind of story. The way it's told is bizarre, but it's definitely full of life and character.”

“A joy to read, so refreshing after reading so many struggling attempts from newbie writers, God bless ‘em. And damn do I love your voice. It’s not often that I envy a writer his gift, but I do yours.”

“Easy to read, fast and breezy with some amusing observations and sharp descriptions.”

“A very engaging and acidic style.”


‘An interesting read, very stylistic, loved the shifting perspective.”

“The concept is fresh and the story is engaging.”

“A dark and delightful story.”

“Certainly keeps the reader on edge.”

“A very unusual reveal.”


“Fans of irony, of the deep, psychologically twisty kind, will get a nice, steaming helping of it here.”

“A well written, superbly crafted short story.”

“Caufield meets Rebel Without A Cause.”

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