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Valley of Sorrows

410 pages6 hours


The small town of Burnett, Missouri, is shaken by the brutal murder of accountant and nature-lover Pete Taylor. Suspicion falls on his wife, Marielle, who found his body, and rumors swirl. The crime scene offers little evidence, and as the investigation grinds to a halt, Marielle is determined to solve her husband’s murder. But she will have to summon all the courage she can muster to return to the scene of the crime. For on that horrible day, she saw something she had thought was merely a bedtime story—a local legend that deep within the woods surrounding the lake where she found Pete, the ancient spirit of an Osage medicine woman named Misae protects the final resting place of her people. Misae is trying to warn Marielle there is a killer in her midst ... if she only will listen.

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