I know the old story not religion again there has been so many books about it, but as many do I also have something I want to bring over to this world of ours. Over the years we all grew up with our different believes from children to being adults and deciding for ourselves are we in the right religion and with looking at other religions will be discussing what I feel about them here to. The only way that I could find peace in myself is to look at others what they feel and the religion they believe in. We all going to die one day the only difference is in where we will be going and what we believe. Over the years so many different believes have come alight and I will be discussing them in detail and also light my opinions towards it at the end of my book as I find all religions interesting and as most of us do not always agree with each other. I FEEL THAT THERE IS A MESSAGE IN EACH RELIGION some good and some bad so please read and gain knowledge as I have through this experience of research. This is the discussion on each religion that I had found was the most practiced in the world but as for the Christian beliefs there are many different churches in one religion and may differ in beliefs but all believe in one thing so is the same with all other religions.

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