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How to Overcome Insomnia: Sleep Well Tonight and Every Night

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I used to spend my nights in bed tossing and turning, watching the clock churning onwards or counting sheep. In the morning I would be grumpy and short tempered, and lethargy would set in during the day. I found myself napping during the lunch hour and dozing at the wheel of my car on the way home from work.
I wanted to wake up in the morning feeling refreshed and full of energy ready to face the day. The more I worried about the situation the worse it was getting. So I went to my doctor to ask for help and I bought various expensive books and courses on self help for insomniacs. The actions that led to a peaceful night's sleep are outlined in "How to Overcome Insomnia-Sleep Well Tonight and Every Night". This is an easy to read, thoroughly researched, encouraging guide to my successful search for a good night’s sleep. I reveal the causes of insomnia, the types and levels of insomnia, and its harmful effects on everyday life, together with the inexpensive actions I took to achieve peaceful sleep. I also discuss natural sleep remedies, alternative cures and the highs and lows of prescription pills. Insomnia is no laughing matter. By reading this booklet, taking positive action today and making simple changes to life and bedtime routines a good night’s sleep can be ensured.

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