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Houseplants are meant to bring joy into everyone’s life, and that’s who this collection of articles, originally published on Facebook, are meant to do, bring joy by introducing you to a fascinating world of diverse life forms. I offer a no-frills approach to choosing and keeping indoor plants. My advice covers everything from the ordinary tropical houseplants, to cactus and succulents, bromeliads, and orchids. My approach is a less scientific one. Sure, I know all the common and Latin names of many of our houseplants, as well as the textbook definitions of their origins and cultural needs. But, I’m not writing a textbook here! I won’t bombard readers with facts and figures like other houseplant experts. I go for the commonsense approach. That approach may be a little different. Besides discussing the physical needs of houseplants, I examine their emotional and psychological requirements.

How can this little book help you? If you have problems with your houseplants, maybe want to know what plant is right for your particular environment; desire general information on the best places to acquire houseplants; need information on potting soil and watering practices; or, just like to know where in your home to grow your houseplants, read these chapters and you’ll be helped. My goal is to get everyone involved in growing. Houseplants enrich the most ordinary lives with their exotic appeal and fascinating growth habits.
This book presents a forum for you whether you are an amateur grower or a professional. It will get you thinking and asking the following questions:

(1) What is your favorite houseplant and why?
(2) How do you grow your houseplants, that is, what is your setup like?
(3) Are you an apartment grower, a house grower, or do you have a greenhouse?
(4) What problems do you have growing plants and how have you overcome them?
(5) Do you have any special fertilizers that you use?
(6) Do you have any special remedies to treat insects and fungal attacks?
(7) What kind of pots do you use?
(8) What kind of soil do you use with your houseplants?
(9) Where do you buy your houseplants?

Hopefully, by the time you finish reading, you’ll have more of the answers.

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