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Dyl: Wizard King in Training

258 pages4 hours


What more can go on? A hurricane, an attack, and new Rebel creatures. This was supposed to be fun right?
Dyl and his friends have faced a lot of heartache. When his future Queen and mate appears, Dyl is not completely sure he wants to go through losing someone again. After all, he lost the most important person to him already, what if he commits and she changes her mind or is killed also. On their way to claim the Wizard Stronghold, Dyl has to make up his mind what he is going to do. And will Jazz be willing to go along with it.
Going to Holly Beach and finally finding his place in the world is just what Dyl needs, he only hopes that it will still be standing when all is said and done. All your favorite characters are back in this action packed adventure.

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