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I am Grey Eyes a story of old Florida

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Grey Eyes and his companion Black Sandy were written about by then British Governor of Florida in 1767. They organized a great cattle drive from Georgia of some 500 cows intended to feed the arriving Minorcan settlers. Grey Eyes and his group of 25 Indian boys were credited by Governor Grant in finding a route through the difficult Florida swamps and wild county. This routing may have followed ancient Indian pathways to become the Old Kings Road. The Kings Road in Florida existed from the American Revolution right up to 1914 and was the prime entry way to Florida before modern roads were built.
This is researched historical fiction by author Bill Ryan who also wrote "The Search for Old Kings Road", "Bulow Gold", "Osceola His Capture and Seminole Legends" stories of the rich and little known early history of Florida. Author Ryan uses the first person story to permit the characters to speak for themselves. Grey Eyes covers the rich and often violent story of early Florida.

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