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God's Jukebox

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Zach could do nothing but watch the remains of his life burn down around him. He had come so far - New Star Records was the arena, the music industry his temple, and with London his playground, Zach made sure he lived his dreams.

His future, just like the glory and riches, international travel and all the sex, drugs and rock’n’ roll he could handle, was promised. Zach had eagerly snatched the golden ticket as he arrived in London with everything he had owned strapped to his back.
But the streets weren’t paved with gold; there was no yellow brick road and the hurricane that tore through Zach’s life wasn’t taking him to never-never land.

There was also a piper to pay - Ronny Lava, Zach’s tyrannical record label boss, hell-bent on destroying Zach’s life, bringing New Star Records down with it, had set Zach up for the biggest fall of his life. Outnumbered and outgunned, Zach could only watch as his world came crashing down.

However, the universe, it seemed, had other ideas.
The appearance of a mysterious old man offering Zach the chance to go back in time via the soundtrack to his life and undo all the carnage and chaos would come at a price - faith and trust would be needed, but not even Zach could comprehend the changes he was about to make. With nothing else to lose, he accepted the deal.

Peering down onto the screen of the old Wurlitzer, Zach saw his soundtrack - every song that ever meant anything to him was there; he looked to the mysterious old man who was smiling, willing him on, silently urging Zach to hit the button.

The room illuminated, capturing Zach in a trance - memories of summers past came flooding back as Zach’s mind filled with all the music he had ever heard. He pressed play, the machine began to whirr - Zach had done it! God’s Jukebox had come to life.
Fate, destiny or divine intervention - Zach was about to find out just what his life means.

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