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Learn the insider secrets to cashing in on tens of thousands of dollars worth of FREE promotion by being featured on TV. This book will teach you how to get on TV and how to keep getting invited over and over again on to television in your city. Learn how free promotion and exposure can make you, your business, or your organization, a household name in your city!

Let's face it, what you don't know about getting free television promotion is hurting you because your competitors are on TV and you are not. Every morning there are medical experts, fitness experts, legal experts, chefs, teachers, doctors and more being featured on the news. This book will teach you why "They" are on TV and "You" are not. This book is the culmination of more than 27 years of television experience by one of the foremost television "insiders" and this "insider" will teach you what you need to know in order to get tens of thousands of dollars worth of free promotion each and every year.

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There’s an old saying that goes something like this, The definition of a fool is a person who knows the cost of everything, and the value of nothing. At least I think that’s how it goes, but regardless, I believe you get the point – it isn’t the cost of something that’s important, but it’s the value that matters.

The only reason I bring up that quote is because I want you to remember it, partly because if all goes well, I’ll be ending the book with that quote and hopefully, it will give you that warm fuzzy feeling that all authors hope to get when you finish their book.

I bring up that quote because I remember a few years ago being called into a meeting by the CEO of an organization that I was helping as they launched a charitable foundation. I happened to be their television spokesperson for the foundation as well as a consultant for a number of their fundraising events. It was a brilliant promotion, that we had developed and they had been featured live on local newscasts multiple times over the course of several months.

To my amazement, the meeting I was called into that day was about Cost and Value. As it turns out, several members of the foundation had to wake up early to be on TV to promote an upcoming, event and they were complaining about it! I couldn’t believe what I was hearing – this organization had been Live on television during the morning newscasts, essentially getting free promotion, for the better part of 3 months.

So I sat down and asked what the concern was from the board members of the foundation, and the CEO said they were wondering whether it was worth it for them to wake up early.

I definitely tried very hard not to laugh as I took out a sheet of paper and a pen and illustrated the following; Well I said, Let’s take a look and see. I began to write on the paper. You’ve had 12 days where you have been ‘Live’ on television during the news promoting your event, and during most of those days your organization was featured two or three times.

As I continued, I needed to take out my calculator. Let’s see, I said, You’ve been featured live about 24 times over 12 days and each live shot is about 3 minutes long; that means you’ve had 24 (live shots) X 3 minutes each, or 72 minutes worth of TV time. He looked at the paper, Yes that seems about right.

Well, I said, What do you think that’s worth? He looked at me and said he had no idea. Let’s figure it out, I told him. Let’s see, you’ve had 72 minutes of live TV time … or in terms of 30 second commercials, you’ve had 144 commercials! Then I said, With all due respect, a commercial runs about $600 dollars; so if we do the math, you’ve had $86,400 worth of FREE PROMOTION over the course of the last few months – and some of your people are complaining about waking up early?!

Not anymore, he said.

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~ Chapter two ~


I’m actually one of those rare people who has spent their entire working life (after graduating college) working in the television business. With the exception of selling Burpee seeds door to door when I was 11, delivering newspapers when I was 12, mowing my grandmother’s lawn when I was 14, working for McDonald’s when I was 16, and then United Parcel Service for a couple of years in college, when I was 19 - I have always been in the television business, actually for more than 27 years now.

What does someone actually do for 27 years in the television business? Well, when you’re a weatherman you do the weather every day, and you also do Live Shots … lots and lots and lots and lots of Live Shots, thousands and thousands of Live Shots to be exact. Oh yes, that’s what weathercasters do … we go Live everywhere from Walk-a-Thons to Oktoberfest parties to New Year’s Eve fireworks celebrations to Girl Scout cookie sales to summer picnics and grand openings of theme parks. I’ve gone live everywhere from juggling with the clowns at the Ringling Bros. Circus, to the newsroom with chefs cooking live on TV; and there is one thing that every live shot has done – And do you know what that is? Every single Live Shot on television, or guest appearance in the television studio of the local news, has given someone or some group FREE promotion!

So why should you learn from me, weatherman Joe Lizura, about how to get free promotion and how valuable it is?

Because I am going to teach you the insider secrets that will help you get free promotion on television! Quite frankly, you need to learn everything I am going to teach you in this book, because I learned myself very early on about the value of this free promotion. If harnessed and used properly, the techniques in The Television Promotion System can help a group, an organization, or even a professional individual become a household name.

I’m also not at all embarrassed to say that I have harnessed this power of free promotion to help charitable organizations raise Millions of Dollars during my career.

I even used the promotional techniques I am going to teach you in this book to create my own charitable event called The Joe Lizura Charity Golf Classic – Benefitting Children’s Hospital. Along with my good friend, Tom Collier, and some of the promotional techniques found in this book, we raised nearly $1,000,000 for San Diego’s Rady Children’s Hospital – and we did it in just 5 years! I’ve even written a book about how to run a fantastically successful charitable golf tournament as well – and you should read it if you want to learn how to raise money in a golf tournament using proper planning and effective promotion. That book is called "How to ……. At the very least, if you know someone raising money through a charity golf tournament, you MUST have them read it.

To learn a little more about some of the charitable groups I have helped through the years, using the same techniques you will learn, visit my promotion system website at:

So what’s the first step to take?

Read this book. Then when you are finished, it would be a good idea to read it all over again a second time. Try to memorize the techniques this book teaches you, and make a conscious effort to force yourself to consider them in everything you do, until eventually, all of your planning takes into consideration possible television promotion.

Keep a notebook near you as you read this book, because there are a lot of great ideas that are going to pop into your head – and you’ll forget them if you don’t write them down.

I also don’t want you to contacting ANY television stations until you have finished reading the entire book – it’s a very powerful book for learning how to get promotion on TV, but the book and my techniques all work together – you must finish the entire book before you get to work on the techniques.

And remember, it doesn’t matter if you are a charitable organization, a small business, a doctor’s office, a dental office, a law office, a beauty salon, a day spa, a preschool, an ice cream shop, or a specialty store . . . It’s time for YOU to get some FREE PROMOTION ON TV!

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~ Chapter three ~


(Actually it’s my pep talk!)

Here’s my pep talk: You can do it! You can do it! You can do it! You can do it! You can do it!

Yes, it’s kind of a short pep talk, but why waste words when only the important ones are necessary! (Insert smiley face here :) even though publishers hate this.)

It’s true, you CAN do it. Let’s make no mistake about it however, it is intimidating for a person to call a television station and say, Hey, I’m the greatest thing in the world, can you put me on TV? That’s why it’s so important to learn what this book has to teach about wildly successful television promotion – why? Because first, you will likely get great promotion, and second, it will make you feel confident enough to be on TV because you will have something to offer viewers.

Exactly WHAT is The Television Promotion System, and what is it NOT?

Both are very good questions. Let’s start with what The Television Promotion System is NOT. It is not a system designed to replace any current public relations manager, director, or agency you or your company may have in place. Let me repeat that - it is not a system designed to replace any current public relations manager, director, or agency you or your company may have in place.

However, this book IS like a magic key to unlocking the mysteries of how people get on television, and how those people get tens of thousands of dollar in free promotion; from chefs cooking live to weathercasters doing live shots from Christmas tree lots and pumpkin patches (and yes, I’ve done a LOT of those).

This book will take you through the process that gets people, companies, charitable organizations, and events featured on television – and with as many years of experience as I have, this truly is "The insider’s guide".

Before I go any further, let me also say that this book is also NOT designed to replace the marketing that you currently do. For example, if you have found success by putting flyers on people’s car windshields, then you will find even greater success when people say, Hey, I’ve seen these guys on TV – I’ve always wanted to try this place.

So, you may be wondering if this book is so great, why doesn’t it allow me to get rid of my PR Company?

If you are big enough to have a PR company, then you probably need a PR company. What this book and the whole promotion system does, is teach you all about how to get yourself, group, or company on television and share in the enormous amount of FREE PROMOTION – it is NOT designed to replace your public relations needs, or create your PR campaign. Trust me that is for the PR folks to do and they do it very well.

In this world of business however, you have only ONE thing to care about, and that is promoting what you need to have promoted. The PR company, on the other hand, has dozens and sometimes even hundreds of clients and people to care about, and unless you have your own PR person (or team), the PR firm that you have on a monthly retainer simply can’t spend ALL of its resources on your needs.

So with that said, you need to make sure you know and understand how to get your share of all of the television promotion time that you can physically get yourself involved in – The success of you, your business, or your event depends on it!

Incidentally, if you do have a PR department, PR director, marketing department, or you are paying a monthly retainer to a PR firm, make sure those folks read this book as well – Unfortunately, all too many PR people and marketing people do not understand the fundamentals of 1) How to get on television, 2) How to do a fantastic live shot, and 3) How to get invited back on that television station over and over again.

The book you are reading, THE TELEVISION PROMOTION SYSTEM: How to Get Yourself, Your Business, or Your Organization Promoted on Television will also serve as an excellent tool for any college student graduating in the field of Public Relations or even, more importantly, the field of Marketing, for learning what their clients really need—free Television Promotion!

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~ Chapter four ~


(Yes, there really is a Santa