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Genre Fiction

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A slightly left of centre guide to the mechanics, --and plumbers--, of the fiction writers world.
This ebook will disclose the background information that defines genre in the publishing industry. This is the stuff no-one will teach you, mainly because it doesn't matter. Here you will learn the finer points of category or genre fiction. Romance, fantasy, science fiction; the author has extensive knowledge in none of these areas. But the little he does know he is more than willing to share.
Six of the major genres are examined regarding length, naming characters, plot and setting. Each genre is then fleshed out with a sample of creative writing that illustrates several of the points covered.
The author guarantees that this e-book will not in any way improve your writing but does guarantee at least a raised eyebrow, or a snort, a shake of the head, a chuckle, perhaps a guffaw. Occasionally there may be tears and a shortness of breath. Please note that laughing your head off is not covered by most private health insurance providers.

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