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Once and Always

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In Once and Always we've got cowboys in the Catskills, a young man who loved the granddaugther of his hard edged boss. Tyler and his father get run out of town one night on a suspicion of fraud, leaving behind Anna, the young girl he loved.

When Tyler returns to the Double B, intent on clearing his family name from the scandal of six years before he finds Anna a changed woman. Gone is the young girl, in her place is a woman scarred emotionally and physically.

Anna is barely hanging on to the once successful Barlow horse ranch. Leading a reclusive life after the fire that subsequently scarred her face and robbed her of her livelihood as a champion barrel racer, she is on the verge of bankruptcy. When the man she once loved shows up on her doorstep with a proposal, buried anger and betrayal surface for both Anna and Tyler.

Can they go back to the love they once knew. . . and do they want to go back?

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