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Grabbing God's Attention: The Art of Praying Like a Pro

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Want to learn how to pray prayers that grab God’s attention and get you results? Do you ever experience frustration or disappointment with your prayer life? Or are you embarrassed because you really don't have one? Do you ever watch others pray and find yourself saying, "I wish I could pray like that"?

Inside of "Grabbing God's Attention - The Art of Praying Like a Pro", you will discover:
• How prayer works and under what conditions. Without this understanding you may go about it all wrong.
• Learn how to boldly walk up to God so that you can ask him to intervene in any situation.
• 2 techniques to find hidden things to be thankful for so you're gratefulness can pave the way toward answered prayer.
• How to master the basics of prayer. With this under your belt you will be in a better position to get the most out of the prayer tips and the advanced techniques you will learn.
• Discover what you can and can't pray for - so you don't waste your breath praying useless prayers.
• Why prayer sometimes feels like speaking a foreign language - but it's one you can learn very quickly with a simple tip.
• The key to praying God's will every time so it will be like your prayers are on steroids.
• When it's good to keep praying the same prayer over and over again - so you don't give up too soon and without seeing results.
• A simple step-by-step prayer formula - without this your prayers may go nowhere.
• Long Prayers vs. Short Prayers: Which are more powerful and effective?
• How to identify prayer-blockers and how to fix them so that your prayers will not have any interference.
• Learn the correct posture when praying so that you will honor God yet be comfortable when praying.
• Insight into to the best prayer locations - so that you can pray without distraction and without fear that anyone will overhear you.
• The forgiveness connection to prayer so that your prayers will not be hindered.
• Inspirational stories about prayer that will lift you up when you’re down.
Bonus content:
• Prayer-starters that will help you form specific prayers for what you need.
• Motivational nudges that will get you moving in the right direction as you pray.
• Faith builders that will stir you to action.
• "Taking-Action" sections that are filled with ways to immediately put into motion what you just read.
• Book recommendations and online links that will give you great resources to help you on your quest toward praying like a pro!
• All this and much, much, more!
Come on, grab the book. I'm going to help you pray!

"Dr. Linda Travelute is our own City of Life Church’s “Joyce Myers” that has taken a subject that has been used by many scholars throughout the ages and made it fresh and interesting, and intriguingly readable. “Grabbing God’s Attention: The Art of Praying Like a Pro” is filled with an insight that is easy and joyous to read. Not only is her book informative with her personal testimonies, but right on line with the scriptures found in God’s Word. I would recommend her book to the newcomers to Christianity as well as seasoned prayer warriors who need all the reminders found in her skillful penmanship. I personally endorse her book." - Kenneth C. Kincaid, Ordained Bishop in Ministry and prayer for over fifty years.

“Wow! Reading this book was a great experience in itself! The messages are clear and on point and the short stories keep you wanting to read. ...I loved that Dr.Linda had put the "taking action" parts so I could pause from reading and put into practice my prayers with God. After reading this book I found myself talking to God A LOT easier. Thank you Dr.Linda!!” - Cynthia Cruz

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