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The Tales of Big and Little
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Could this be the end for Big and Little? Will the worlds survive the wrath of Shir? Big and Little finish their biggest adventure yet, and the very fate of all the worlds hangs in the balance.

Published: Josh Kilen on
ISBN: 9781476121840
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The Tales of Big and Little - Josh Kilen

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The Tales of Big and Little – Part Three

The End of The Worlds

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There are moments in life that we cherish, small seconds of bliss spent snuggling with our precious children. Mommy, tell me a story. Daddy, can I have a bedtime story? These requests offer time to pause from our hectic everyday routine, a chance to share an adventure together.

My wife and I have read to our son from the time he would listen and encouraged him to read from the moment he began recognizing letters. From The Very Hungry Caterpillar to The Chronicles of Narnia we have read one book or gone through a series of chapters each night.

However, we have discovered that most books are not designed or written for bedtime. Sometimes a chapter takes half an hour to read through. Sometimes one of us would fall asleep part way through, and not necessarily our son! Sometimes, a chapter was too short, or too boring, or so full of detail that it was difficult to get through.

I created this story as a brand new adventure, told in a serial fashion, so that your child is captivated throughout the entire tale. Each episode ends in a cliffhanger to help build excitement for the next installment. Whether you are reading before bed, during the day, on a long car trip, or while standing in the grocery checkout line, these stories are quick and customizable for your storytelling needs.

You, of course, are the storyteller and you know best what your audience will most enjoy. If you want to read two or three episodes at a time, then feel free to do so.

If at any point you become tired of simply reading the text as written, feel the need to add lib and insert your own characters or ideas.

Just remember, story time with your children is about having fun and making memories. You are well on your way to making some memories they’ll never forget.

The Tales of Big and Little – Part Three:

The End of The Worlds

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Episode 1

Shirlee's paw hovered above Big and Little as he used his growing powers to hold them in place. The killing blow poised and ready.

A fist sized rock struck the back of Shirlee's head. He turned toward the new attacker at the entrance of the prison cave. Jack Jenkins had another rock ready and threw, hitting Shirlee square in the eye. Shirlee flinched from the pain, releasing Big and Little as he brought his paw to his eye. Human! He screamed, You will pay for your insolence.

As soon as they were free to move, Big and Little hopped to their feet and raced toward the cave entrance. It was obvious their power was not enough to stop Shirlee this time. Between puffs of breath, Little said, We have to find a way to beat him Big. He can't be allowed to win, no matter what.

Big nodded his head and called out to Jack, Master! Follow us.

Big and Little ran passed Jack, Big gave him a small tug on his pant leg. Jack was still in shock that his dogs could talk, but the expanding red eyed cat now stalking them seemed more threatening, Okay Boy. No problem. Lead the way. Big, Little, and their Jack ran as fast they could through the dense black fog.

As soon as he discovered Big and Little's escape, Shirlee roared so loudly the stones shook. Big, Little, and Jack had to stop and cover their ears or else they were afraid of going deaf. Shirlee headed after the dogs, walking slower than usual, still unsteady on his new, larger legs. He was getting used to them though, becoming more sure with every step.

Bjorn, the Princess, Tiberius, and Zubin fought the Guard Dogs, Regina and Marcus to a stand still. The Guard Dogs and a small contingent of rancid candy stood their ground, fighting back multiple attempts by the Army of light to retake the bridge. Regina was the first to see Big, Little, and Jack running up behind the army. Marcus however could see their Master, Shir of Lee, coming through the fog. He turned to Regina, We must stop them now. If they cannot take the bridge, Our Master will come and destroy them.

Regina snarled, How we've waited for this day. She turned to the remaining animated candy, Hold your ground, don't let anything through. If you fail I will end you myself. The candy shivered in fear.

By the time Big, Little, and Jack reached their friends, time was short. Shirlee stumbled behind them, still finding his legs and re-learning how to use them, but he was making forward progress. Big and Little stepped lightly, trying to avoid green goo they recognized as Fanged Mushroom guts. Bjorn said, We can't take the bridge, it's too narrow and the candy repels us at every point. We're out of options.

Little looked around, saw nothing helpful. Then she looked up.