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The Americas Secret Weapon and The Emergence of Mr. Barack Obama
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Biblical prophecy is unfolding right in front of our very eyes (Deut. 6 vs 4-10) A mass of people have been in mental and physical slavery for over 400 years. The curse is almost over, and the Elohim of the Universe will still not hear their prayers until we and they humble ourselves acknowledging our heritage to receive a special blessing promised to us.

The people from the Americas will be those who shared in the prophesy of Genesis 15:13 who fulfilled the scripture. So far the people participating are Black Americans of slavery, Native Americans, and Latin and Hispanic Americans who ancestors present day and past suffering a cruel past for 400 years. The existence of these groups has been provided for and protected by Elohim for over 400 years in spite of their slave like existence in the Americas--and their freedom from that curse is now almost completed its duration--which may reverse itself to those that were the slave owners.

It is written in the Torah that Israel exists as twelve tribes. Is anyone tribe greater than all of them? Today we want to proclaim our Blessing as the Ancestors of Jacob without going any verbal harm to Israel of today—for we see the people who live there now as ancient cousins that only Yahshua can judge. The 12 tribes of Israel are in competition with one another to glorify the Name of Yahweh—and each tribe is already a winner.

The Romans and other European invaders destroyed the existing cultures of all the countries they conquered only to put in place a class system that still exists today which became a new version of slavery and hate that has lasted for centuries. This new version of slavery promoted immorality, dominance of the existing culture enforced by injustice, separation of people by class, continuous maintenance of the European culture supporting unemployment and crime to keep an ongoing division of people through philosophy and governance--a continual way to divide and conquer the conquered as time passed by.

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