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Marketing With Postcards: Top Ten Ways to Use Postcards to Promote Your Business

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Grow your business with postcards.

You may have heard that low-cost postcards can help build your business, but do you know ten different business models you can use to make that happen?

Some of the top ten business models for using postcards bring you quick cash, while others slowly and gradually make you a somebody - which indirectly pays off.

Marketing With Postcards contains take-it-to-the-bank strategies, advice, case studies and tips on how to succeed with postcards in any economy, such as:

* Which kinds of postcards work better than "Hello, I exist" ones

* Why it's helpful to be able to turn postcard campaigns on and off as needed

* A three-step postcard strategy that entices your best targets to visit your booth at a trade show

* Three ways postcards can help convince VIPs to take your call

* How to prevent misunderstandings about a postcard offer and motivate people to act at the same time

* The five-step process of using postcards to gradually persuade someone to buy something expensive

* Three ways to sell low-priced items cost-effectively via postcards

* Five little-used techniques for bonding with customers by sending postcards

* Which type of postcard effectively builds you a reputation

* Seven powerful tactics for inspiring repeat business with postcards

* How to know when your postcards have most likely arrived at prospects' homes or offices

* Other magnetic ways to use postcards besides mailing them out

The strategies work for small, medium-sized and large companies, entrepreneurial individuals and non-profit organizations. Implement just one new idea for using postcards from the dozens in this ebook, and you'll be on your way to an infusion of cash or profitable new business connections.

Ready to enjoy radical results from the humble little postcard?

"Marketing budgets are tight, and uncertainty about the place of social media marketing is high. This ebook reinforces the power that postcards have in generating leads, bonding with customers and many other profit-generating uses. When the clever tips and creative resources are put to immediate use, business owners will discover that postcards continue to be the most powerful, versatile, and cost-effective marketing tool." - Flora Morris Brown, Ph.D., Gift Basket Business World

"Marcia's ebook includes 10 of the most practical, creative and
easy-to-implement postcard strategies I've ever heard. With info on the secrets to determining your ROI and exactly who to target, this report is a no-brainer for everyone looking for the best ways to spread the word about their business!" - Julie Hood,

"I always appreciate Marcia's to-the-point style. I can easily see how grassroots marketers, startups, marketing managers and media planners (just to name a few) would easily be able to create several different types of postcard campaigns after reading this report. This quick-read sparks a flood of ideas that will generate leads and keep the cash flowing." - Karon Thackston, Copywriter, Marketing Words

"Marcia delivers here on 10 solid strategies. While some may think that a postcard campaign has to be big, with thousands of postcards being sent, some of the strategies are inexpensive and very easy to implement. It's a no-nonsense, no-fluff report, on target from beginning to end." - Michael Winicki, Author, Killer Techniques to Succeed with Newspaper, Magazine and Yellow Page Advertising

"Marketing With Postcards is rich in solid data I've never seen before: what a campaign costs, how big the price discount should be on your special offer, where to get personalized cartoons for your postcard, and the list goes on. It tells you exactly how to do a mailing that will earn back your expenditure and way more. I wouldn't think of doing a postcard campaign (or indeed, any type of postal marketing) without rereading this fi

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