Dwarg in the Seventh Dimension
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A light yet thought provoking sci-fi adventure. "Dwarg" is a "Whisp" from a non-physical world, who is on a mission to stop Humans sending rockets into the Aura. He becomes an entity of a young and dying Aggie who accepts him. Dwarg infuses her with health, wisdom and maturity. With her aunt, they go on an adventure to France to solve a puzzle of a painting by Vincent van Gogh and learn more of his life and the story of his ear. Dwarg realizes that there are alien viruses landing on the planet and infecting Humans in different ways. Aggie, his host, is from the Abenaki nation and Dwarg is fascinated by the rituals of that culture. Aggie graduates from the University of Oklahoma at age 11 and participates in an exclusive experiment utilizing the LHC (which she cleverly used to sent Dwarg back to his own non-physical world).

Published: Tony Lourensen on
ISBN: 9780646568904
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