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How to Write Construction Programmes & Schedules

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In an increasingly demanding construction industry where time is of the essence, the need to plan accurately and concisely is becoming more important. Twenty years ago, large companies pioneered the use of computer software that helped planners and project managers schedule construction projects in half the time. Today, project management software is common place, more sophisticated yet user friendly and used by many disciplines. However, the knowledge of construction, and the skill of correctly identifying and sequencing tasks, still require the skills of a software operator. Although the writer explains some basic software functions, the main message of the book is the essential preparation required before using the software. This ebook begins with a brief discussion of the documents required, then swiftly moves onto programming, sequencing, long lead items and pre-construction. With Asta Project version 12 and Microsoft Project 2013 the author demonstrates some software functions, which is similar to Microsoft Project. With a blend of commonly used computer functions, academic programming principles, and some of the writers own ideas this book delivers a practical solution to the high demands expected from today's construction industry.

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