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Marketing With Teleseminars: Power Strategies

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Learn how to promote your company, yourself, an event or a cause with a contemporary twist on an old communication medium - the teleseminar.

Accessible even to people without a computer on hand, teleseminars can establish credibility, create a bond of trust, prompt interest in an upcoming program and spark sales.

However, when you're first considering marketing with teleseminars or getting ready for your first presentation, you are sure to have loads of questions. And that's where this compact and informative ebook comes in.

Written by veteran teleseminar presenter, author and marketing coach Marcia Yudkin, MARKETING WITH TELESEMINARS introduces you to the success factors that spell the difference between a flop and a triumph.

The contents include:

Part I: Smart Strategy
Teleseminar versus Webinar? Determine Your Most Profitable Teaching Format
Teleseminars: Eight Factors That Boost Their Perceived Value
Teleseminar Pricing: Two Highly Recommended Teleseminar Pricing Models

Part II: Running a Successful Teleseminar
Host a Teleseminar Like a Talk Show Pro
Interviewing an Expert For a Teleseminar? Avoid These Six Mistakes
Preview Teleseminars: Avoid These Off-Putting Blunders
Tips for Teleseminar Offers
Five Technical Mistakes to Avoid When Running Teleseminars
Teleseminar Handouts: Everything You Need to Know But Forgot to Ask
Teleseminar Security Tips

Part III: Turning Teleseminars into Moneymakers
Why You Should Edit Teleseminar Recordings – and How
From Live Teleseminar to Recorded Lead Generator: Avoid These Common Mistakes
Transform Your Teleseminar into a High-Ticket, High-Value Course

Part IV: Teleseminar Resources

"Marcia Yudkin has poured years of experience in conducting teleseminars into this manual that is not thick in volume and yet is rich in successful teleseminar strategies. I even learned the fine differences between teleseminars and webinars and how to be more mindful of listeners' experience than to be focused on the teleseminar content itself. 'Marketing With Teleseminars' ultimately provides points worth considering that may have been overlooked in my own preparation of phone call sessions for my coaching program and on behalf of colleagues. Definitely worthwhile!" - Nelson Tan,

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